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Legal Issues Facing Mothers

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Mother's rights.   Call Hanyard Law Office right away.
Mother's rights.  Legal representation for child support, divorce, child custody and legitimation matters.
Legal representation and protection of your rights.   Child Support, Child custody and divorce matters.

Knowledgeable representation, understanding the particular needs of Mothers in

Family Law Matters


Specific issues, including the safety of children and the financial means to provide for them, are often overwhelming to an unwed mother or to a mother involved in a divorce action.



During the pendency of divorce, many mothers (particularly those who have remained home to care for children) find themselves at an extreme financial disadvantage. In many instances, mothers face very different circumstances than fathers. Women involved in divorce and custody battles tend to suffer the most financial strain, reduced standard of living, emotional upheaval and stress.



Seeking the advice of a qualified Georgia family law attorney is essential to protecting your legal interests, particularly in a contested divorce. For women involved in divorce, early planning and knowledge of the process can make a significant difference in the outcome of the case. We offer a thorough initial consultation during which we discuss the issues involved in divorce as well as the particular concerns of your case.



For single mothers, the establishment, and enforcement, of child support orders can seem like an uphill battle. While there are many fathers who provide for their children, there are still those who intentionally shun their children as well as the responsibility of providing for them. Even after the establishment of a child support order, many mothers find themselves unable to collect the ordered support. In these instances, the collection of child support requires aggressive legal representation.



The mother of a child born out of wedlock, has the right to bring a paternity action against an alleged father to determine whether he is the biological father and to seek child support. The mother has the right to request that the father pay child support, cover the minor child with medical and health insurance, pay a portion of the non-covered medical expenses of the minor child and pay a portion of the mother's medical expenses related to the birth of the minor child.



Attorney Hanyard understands the challenges and the particular needs of mothers who are involved in family law disputes. We offer specialized planning geared to assist with the issues and the particular challenges encountered by mothers involved in family law proceedings. Attorney Hanyard will work to protect your legal and financial interests as well as the relationship of the parties and the children involved. We want to provide the legal representation and resources that you need to move forward with your life.



If you are seeking to collect child support, contemplating or involved in a pending divorce, or if you find yourself involved in a child custody dispute, call our office. Attorney Hanyard will be glad to meet with you to discuss your case. We are with you, every step of the way!




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